Baja Shellfish Farms

In 1991, we began as pioneers of Mediterranean Mussel farming in the oceanic waters of northern Baja California. In 2007, we began oyster farming, growing the Kumiai Oyster which is our signature brand oyster. Since then, we have continued to work to satisfy the ever-expanding palate of shellfish lovers from coast to coast!
Baja Shellfish Farms is known for sustainable aquaculture, social responsibility and transparency of our operations. This is built in to our mission:

Our mission is to grow premium, healthy, sustainable shellfish, provide unsurpassed quality, superior customer service and an exciting and elegant consumer experience. We pledge to uphold our mission in a manner that:

• Works to improve the marine environment that we depend on.
• Supports the economic and social development of the communities that we work in.
• Leads our industry by example to incite positive change in areas of sustainability, social responsibility and economic development.

Cold Conditioning

Whale’s Cove – It is definitely worth mentioning that all of our shellfish are conditioned prior to shipping in Whale’s Cove. What is conditioning? After we harvest our clams and Kumiai oysters from their grow out sites, we put them in baskets off bottom in our mussel farm for up to two weeks. This is a huge advantage! The conditioning process allows us to ship the highest quality year-round. The water is cold all year long, and that gives our shellfish a chance to rest and feed right before we ship. This also allows our clams to purge any sand and grit in their shells so when they arrive, they are clean and free of sand.