Whale’s cove Mediterranean Mussel


Whale’s Cove Mediterranean Mussels
Whale’s Cove located in the southern end of Todos Santos bay in Northern Baja California just south of Ensenada Mexico. Our mussel farm location receives the full influence of the Pacific Ocean and is the first offshore mussel farm in North America.
Ocean grown Mediterranean mussels are preferred for the full rich flavor and clean aroma. Whales Cove Mussels are easy to prepare and excellent additions to pasta, paella, or just steamed in butter, white wine, and fresh herbs.

Min 5lb.
Deliveries every Thursday/ Order by Monday 5PM
* Shipping to southern California: 20 dlls, for rest of the United States: 40 dlls.


Whale's Cove Mussels
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– Sweet flavor.
– Clean aroma to whales cove mediterranean mussels.
– Available year around.
– Healthy shellfish and Sustainable.

Dear Shellfish lover:
Baja Shellfish Farms works very hard to ensure that the Shellfish you have purchased is of the highest quality and freshness possible. We recommend that you follow these simple steps to
ensure that your experience with our shellfish is excellent!

Once you get your Mussels at Home:
1.Once home, place them in the meat drawer in your fridge. Place them in a bowl to avoid leaks as they may drip a little water from their shells (this is normal)
2. Whale’s Cove Mussels – Will be great for 4 days.
Note about Mussel Beards: Whale’s Cove Mussels are rope grown and all mussels develop a coarse thread that holds them to the lines. This thread is removed quite easily.
Before cooking: Grip the beard with your fingers while holding the mussel with the other hand, pull and remove the beard and voila!! Beards out.

* Shipping to southern California: 20 dlls, for rest of the United States: 40 dlls.

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