Chingon Oyster




Heavy weight oyster with robust flavor and distinguished appearance.

It is grown with ‘’Un Chingo de Amor’’ and serious dedication
“A lot of patience” and passion!

Farm raised in the Cold California current waters of Laguna Guerrero Negro

Some of the attributes are:
▪️Scallop-sized muscle
▪️Robust ocean brine
▪️Wakami notes
▪️Aggressively tide tumbled

Exclusively from Baja Shellfish Farms.

Dear Shellfish lover:
Baja Shellfish Farms works very hard to ensure that the Shellfish you have purchased is of the highest quality and freshness possible. We recommend that you follow these simple steps to
ensure that your experience with our shellfish is excellent!
Once you get your oysters at Home:
1.Once home, place them in the meat drawer in your fridge. Place them in a bowl to avoid leaks as they may drip a little water from their shells (this is normal).
2. Chingon Oysters- will chill in your fridge for up to 4 days.
3.We suggest that you cook and consume them within a day or so to maximize the awesome experience you are about to have!

Additional information

Weight 1.6 lbs

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