Our mission is to grow premium, healthy, sustainable shellfish, provide unsurpassed quality, superior customer service and an exciting and elegant consumer experience. We pledge to uphold our mission in a manner that:

  • Works to improve the marine environment that we depend on.
  • Supports the economic and social development of the communities that we work in.
  • Leads our industry by example to incite positive change in areas of sustainability, social responsibility and economic development.


We are committed to growing premium sustainable shellfish and doing the right thing for our customers, our company and our employees.


Baja Shellfish Farms works to ensure that our farming, harvest and processing methods have minimal impact on the environment. Our shellfish are grown off bottom and we harvest Baja Venus Clams by hand without the use of dredges to ensure that the habitat is left untouched. In addition, shellfish naturally sequester carbon from the atmosphere and work to counter the effects of Global Warming. We strive to work with the natural habitat.

Here are some of the characteristics that make our company unique:

Whale´s Cove

The mussel long lines serve a higher purpose than just growing mussels. The long lines create protection and habitat for many fish species. The lines act like a kelp forest, creating protection from predation and a nursery for juvenile fish and invertebrates.

We Are Stewards of The Sea

Water quality is essential to healthy marine ecosystems. We are constantly monitoring the water quality of our growing areas which acts as a strong deterrent to potential polluters. If the water quality changes, we know about it immediately and begin an investigation to determine the cause. We work with state and federal authorities to ensure that water quality laws and rules are followed and hold polluters accountable for their actions.